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Molecular Core

Molecular Core is the first core facility in Brazil, which is specialized in high-density microarrays.

Microarrays or DNA chips are glass slides where probes, representing a transcript or a gene segment in particular, are fixated and immobilized in an orderly manner and with known locations.

The microarray technology can be used to examine the frequency of thousands of polymorphisms, or structural genetic variants (CNVs) distributed throughout the genome in a single experiment. The speed and analysis capacity on a large scale significantly increase the chances for success of genotype and cytogenetic experiments.

The determination of genic expression profiles or the study of functional genomics is that second major application of the technique. In this case, what is sought is the identification of variations in the expression of certain genes that may occur as natural biological responses, due to the presence of pathology, or any other experimental condition. Currently, representations of practically all genome genes of a series of organisms can be found in a traditional chip, such as in humans, rats, mice, among other species of animals, plants and microorganisms.

Molecular Core is a center containing specialized professionals in experimental design and complete processing of samples, from the extraction of RNA and DNA, the verification of the quality and conducting a microarray experiment, including hybridization, washing and reading with a scanner. We work with the complete Affymetrix line, the most used microarray platform in the world.

Rua Napoleão de Barros, 925 - Vila Clementino
São Paulo SP - Brasil - CEP 04024-002
Phone +55 (11) 2149-0155

  • http://www.affymetrix.com