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Behavioral Medicine Brazilian Institute

IBMC - Behavioral Medicine Brazilian Institute is linked to UNIFESP´s Psychobiology Department.

It is formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals interested in the application of Behavioral Medicine techniques for the study, research and free clinical treatment in Cognitive, Behavioral and Hypnosis Therapy. It has both Graduate (Medical and Biomedical courses) and Sensu Stricto and Lato Sensu Postgraduate (Specialization courses) programs.

It has modern systems of physiological recording for the biofeedback that are used as part of the treatment protocol of people with anxiety disorders.

AFIP provides financial support for the development of all these activities in the form of real estate leasing, the hiring of personnel, research scholarships and the purchase of equipment and materials.

Rua Mirassol, 189 - Vila Clementino
São Paulo SP, Brasil - Cep: 04044-010
Phone: +55 (11) 5082-2382