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Center for Psychobiology and Exercise Studies (CEPE)

The Center for Psychobiology and Exercise Studies (CEPE) was elaborated and founded in 1999 with the mission to conduct multidiscipline studies on the practice of different types of physical exercise and it relationship with psychobiological aspects such as, biological rhythms, sleeping patterns and disorders, cognitive functions (memory and learning ability), mood/motivation state and its disorders (anxiety, depression, OCD, manias, etc.), obesity, the use of anabolic steroids, abusive behavior (physical exercise, psychotropic drugs, food, sexual activity, etc.) and the immune system.

Rua Francisco de Castro, 93 - Vila Clementino
São Paulo SP, Brasil - Cep: 04020-050
Telefone: +55 (11)5081-6472 / +55 (11)5081-6251

  • http://www.cepebr.org